Bif Hilliard

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You will find Bif’s Integrated Vinyasa Yoga style to gracefully connect movement with breath to give you a whole practice.  It is all about finding a balance that sometime needs a heat building intensity to make you sweat and sometimes a grounding lunar quality to relax and leave you stress free.  Having anatomically correct cuing and sequencing is very important to her to keep everyone safe.  Teaching yoga is a way for Bif to build community and connect with others on a deeper level.  

When Bif was little she had a cousin who couldn’t say her full name Elizabeth and called her Bif.  Like all great things it stuck.  Bif has always had a passion for movement.  She started young as a dancer and developed her passion at a boarding arts high school, then continuing on to graduate college and dance professionally in Seattle.  This love for dance, naturally lead her into the yoga world 6 years ago where she found the self loving generosity of this style of movement to be more catered to her.  She took her first 200 Hr yoga teacher training from Core Power Yoga.  This past spring, she completed a 200 Hr integrated Vinyasa teacher training with Gina Caputo at the Colorado School of Yoga to further her teaching knowledge and delve deeper into Vinyasa yoga. The experience with Gina and the school confirmed that teaching yoga is her jam and when you add heat it’s close to a heavenly experience.  She decided to move back to Durango in September of 2016 to be closer to her parents and have a more sustainable life.

When not teaching or practicing yoga you can find Bif; out on her family ranch south of Durango, fly fishing, snowboarding or playing with her chocolate lab puppy, Hope.