Are you

New to Hot Yoga? 


Here is what you need to know...

To ensure that you have plenty of time please arrive 15 minutes prior to class start!

What to Wear – Snug fitting clothes that won't get in the way are best. Wear what is comfortable for you knowing you will sweat... a lot! When you sweat things get wet. 

Towels – We recommend to bring two towels. If you forget yours, don't sweat it, we have towels to rent for $2. Many yogis prefer the yogi towel-- which has a grippy side to prevent slips. You can purchase these at our studio.  A smaller face towel is nice to go along with the towel over your mat. 

Water – It is important to hydrate before, during and after this good and sweaty experience. The key is to start drinking hours before arrival, slowing down your intake an hour before.  Drinking too much all at once right before class can do more harm than good. The body needs time to adjust to this increase in hydration.  It's a good excuse to start drinking more water and if you intend on being a regular practitioner you'll need to always be hydrating and your body will surely thank you. If you are just coming once in a while it's still important to hydrate but remember to give your body time, even starting to increase your intake a day or two before will help.  You might consider adding some electrolytes to your water for before and after as well.  We have some electrolyte packets for sale in case you forget yours.  We have a hydration station to fill your bottles and bottled water for sale. 

Yoga Mat – Don't forget your mat, if you have one, otherwise you can rent one from us for $2.

An Open Mind – Our mission is to provide our community with high quality, uplifting, fun HOT yoga. Come sweaty it out with us! 

Food – It is recommended to stop eating 2 hours before practice. Why? Food needs time to digest and you are going to be exerting yourself and getting your heart rate up and your sweat on! A full belly with movement, sweat, and exertion can make you feel sick. Food can also be felt during deep twists and it can affect your energy.   Of course, this is a recommendation not a requirement! Exception: if you are pregnant it is best to eat a light snack before coming to class to balance your blood sugar. In all cases, do what feels right for your body! 

Ensuring that your experience is the best it can be is our goal. Let us know if you have any questions.