Thank You to all that Participated!

Congratulations to David our 1st January challenge winner! He made it to class every single day this month. He chose pigeon pose for his photo because at the beginning of the month he wasn’t able to get into it this deeply. Other words he shared “coming everyday was worth it! I feel great and can mountain bike forever.”

Coming in 2nd is Ally Johnson and 3rd place is Dana Shinn. So close ladies great job! Make sure to pick up your prizes next time you are in. We would love to get a pic too

Thank you to everyone who participated in our challenge! It was awesome to see so many of you grow and advance your practices!

For those that joined the challenge and practiced consecutive days in a row let the teacher know next time you are making a purchase. We will verify and apply the appropriate discount to your next pass or punch card.

Look out for a Summer challenge 😍

Sweaty Buddha